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Where young hearts love, learn and live in faith

Ignite are a group of children, aged 4- Primary 7 that are part of our Sunday School programme in the church. Ignite offers fun and interactive ways to build a relationship with Jesus and establish a foundation of faith. Through their exploration of God and the Bible, children are encouraged to pray, trust, seek and love Jesus. Children build these qualities through games, crafts, songs, interactive learning, sharing a snack and so much more! 
Our Sunday School aim to not only learn the Christian values from the Bible, but to teach our children how to implement these values in their every day lives. We strive to demonstrate ways in which our children can trust God in all aspects of their lives and build a foundation of faith wherever they go.
Ignite children, along with Trekkers, come together and build friendships along the way through Sunday School trips, fundraising events and seasonal events too.
Ignite runs every Sunday morning, during term time, from 11:15am until 12pm in our church halls on John Finnie Street. We gather at our church for our 11am service on a Sunday morning and then we travel across to our halls together, accompanied by leaders. 
For questions or more information, contact Amy Tanner. Amy is the Children and Family (Communities) Worker at New Laigh Kirk and she can be contacted on the number and email below.

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Trekkers is the name for our teens’ ministry at New Laigh Kirk and is open to anyone who is in S1-S6. We meet in our specially designed youth room in the church halls every term-time Sunday and explore Christian faith together through stories, prayer, much discussion and plenty of hilarity. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular, a visitor, or got dragged along by someone after a sleepover; doesn’t matter your Christian faith is the centre of your life or the idea is entirely new and strange to you – at Trekkers, everyone has a place, a voice, and (almost certainly) a mug of hot chocolate to go with it. 

Over the last term we’ve been adventuring through the idea of Christian foundations – what do Christians do/think/believe? Who is God anyway, and what does he have to say about me? Should I take notice? What can the Bible possibly mean to me today? Does prayer work, and is it boring? 
Should I join the joint youth band (the answer is yes) and how much laughter is likely to be part of that weirdly named social thing (the answer is much, and only in the good ways). 

Questions are always welcomed and judging others, whether it be for their deep and philosophical questions or their choice of crisp flavour, is absolutely banned. Come join us on any term-time Sunday, or keep an eye on the website for social events, coffee shop meet-ups, and visits to other churches for joint youth activities. 

For questions or more information, contact Amy Tanner. 

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